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    The CFO Innovation Suite aims to build a forum for influential finance leaders who, as digital evangelists and transformation agents, can lead the discourse within the larger CFO community. This microsite intends to stimulate conversations about how businesses can move towards digital transformation by leveraging intelligent automation and collaboration. It will chronicle best practices and success stories, and offer benchmarks and enablers to facilitate business transformations in the spheres of strategy, culture and technology.

    Senior Series

    A video series where top rung finance leaders share their views and invaluable insights into innovation, the future of finance and technology, and the CFO’s evolving role in a fast-changing business landscape. Join us for a deep dive into the thoughts of CFOs in these interviews.

    CFO Story – Podcast

    Our podcast collection brings you innovation and transformation strategies and stories from CFOs who are driving change within their organizations. Tune in to hear experiences and anecdotes firsthand from senior finance executives.

    Building Blocks

    A videographic compilation of interviews with finance leaders of tomorrow which brings rare insights into how digital transformation is being ideated, managed, and implemented across a range of businesses.

    On My Mind

    In this series, finance leaders share their knowledge and expertise about what to expect within and beyond the traditional finance function, in their own words. 

    CFO Profiles

    Get a peek into the personal and professional beliefs and thoughts of CFOs through a curated set of questions and learn something new about our senior most finance leaders.

    Curated News

    These research reports and news insights cover the latest in topics of interest to CFOs and finance professionals, including highlights of issues affecting business communities, industries, and the economy. 


    About Us  

    CFO Innovation Suite, a CFO India presentation powered by SAP, focuses on the constantly evolving role of CFOs as strategists and thinkers operating in an increasingly automated professional environment. Designed to deliver insights into what’s on top of minds of CFOs in India, this is a forum for the dissemination as well as exchange of knowledge, expertise, and insights within the CFO community.

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